Your Partner in the International Business Jungle
Your Partner in the International Business Jungle

Lions & Tigers: Building Business Success in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a region full of interest and opportunity across all commercial, industrial, and government sectors.  It has a population of over 630 million people, with a median age of 26.  It has a GDP of over seven trillion dollars at purchasing power parity, more than twice that of the UK, that's growing consistently at around 5% each year.  Its burgeoning middle class, forecast soon to reach 65% of the population, is technology-savvy, computer-literate, fashion conscious, sophisticated, and has an impressive level of disposable income.

Southeast Asia presents challenges to outside investors.  The region is extremely diverse in culture, ethnicity, political and legal institutions and traditions, religion, language, and social and economic development.  It is not as easy to navigate as it might first appear, and many ventures launched in a mood of heady optimism have ended either in failure or disappointment.


Such frustrating outcomes are usually the result of mis-set expectations based on insufficient local knowledge and a lack of careful preparation.  Finding experienced, committed, professional, local staff and partners can be particularly problematic.  Breakdowns in effective communication between the local office and the headquarters can easily arise, often from the simplest of misunderstandings.


Lions & Tigers purpose is to increase the prospects of success and to minimise the possibilities of disappointment. We do this by bridging the gaps in local knowledge and resources, helping our clients avoid costly mistakes born of unreasonable optimism when entering an unfamiliar market, and providing practical help and encouragement through the inevitable setbacks and challenges.


We are a privately owned business consultancy whose founders and partners have extensive experience of living and working in Southeast Asia.  The company works very closely with a select number of UK businesses to share this experience and to advise on both the opportunities and the pitfalls of establishing a presence in the region.


Each project is tailored to the needs of the client.  A project might start, and end, with a short scoping study to evaluate basic market potential, and the feasibility and likelihood of a successful market entry.  Or it might involve assuming the interim management of the new venture while local staff or partners are engaged and evaluated.  Or it might involve driving the rapid expansion of an existing presence in response to the dynamic growth of emerging markets.


Our service capability extends far beyond basic data analysis and producing consultants' reports.  We are ready to become deeply involved in our clients' projects and business plans, and work as an integral part of our clients' teams, respecting strict confidentiality agreements.


We will provide professional, reliable leadership and mature supervision while a new operation is being established, and will remain in-country for extended periods, when required.  We are also ready to devise and work through alternative approaches to turn around situations where an initial market entry strategy looks to be failing.


Our services are based on long experience of living and working in Southeast Asia and the UK, while serving in senior executive positions in multinational companies.  We can call on extensive networks of contacts serving at senior levels in the public, private, and government sectors.  We also understand, through practical experience, the challenges of setting up new ventures, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.


Our wide-ranging experience enables us to provide the necessary ’bridge’ between the local head office and the new, remote venture, and so help our clients in Southeast Asia and the UK avoid costly mistakes, and secure the best returns on their international business opportunities.


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