Your Partner in the International Business Jungle
Your Partner in the International Business Jungle


Southeast Asia is a fast growing economic region that continues to offer genuine, substantial opportunity to UK enterprises.  Many UK-based organizations have enjoyed great success in the region 'riding the Asian Tiger’, but some definitely have not.  There are reasons for these differing outcomes, and these reasons have more to do with judgement than luck.

Any new entrant into Southeast Asia is confronted with multiple cultures, business environments, and levels of economic development: this is the ‘jungle’ that has to be navigated, often with little or no prior knowledge of the terrain.

The UK enterprises that most commonly succeed in Southeast Asia are those where there has been a good match between the expected returns, whether from larger ventures or smaller individual projects, and the committed investments of time, money and talent.  This balance is not easy to achieve.


Without prior knowledge and experience of the region, expectations can be wildly optimistic at one extreme, or self-fulfillingly pessimistic at the other.  The enterprises that are most likely to fail are indeed those which 'get it wrong' in terms of their business stakeholders' expectations.

Lions & Tigers job is to provide expert, concrete knowledge of the local market, to explore with our clients how what we know fits with their business goals, to ensure that each project is viable, and then to follow up with the expertise and support necessary for our clients to execute their plans successfully.

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